My 2013 - Part II

Tuesday, 31 December 2013


In August, I... spent a wonderful 5 days in London with my family, eating amazing food, shopping and already falling in love with the country I moved to a month later - ...spent a week in Belgium near the sea with my family, but I went back to Luxembourg earlier than expected which led to me driving to Luxembourg with my dad's car, what an experience, haha!


In September, I... celebrated one my best friend's 18th birthday with tons of great people and danced through the night - ...finally moved to the UK and slowly started to fall in love with Brighton.


In October, I... celebrated my flatmate Cian's 19th birthday with Uni friends, eating homebaked cake and muffins - ...properly celebrated Halloween for the very first time! I'm still completely in love with my Cleopatra outfit and I can't wait to wear it again when the next occasion comes along.


In November, I... went to London for the second time this year, with two lovely ladies. I ate way too much food (again) and finally got to see London covered in Christmas lights at night - beautiful!


In December, I... started to become a Youtube addict, which led to my increasing interest in vegan eating-, and lifestyle, which I'm still very interested in an keen to try out more in the new year! - ...finally came back to Luxembourg after 3 whole months of being away. I caught up with a bunch of friends, celebrated Christmas with my family and tonight I'll celebrate the end of this fabulous year with lots of friends!

I am wishing all of you a ton of fun tonight and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you all so much for following, commenting etc, let's make 2014 even better! xo


  1. I don't understand how you manage to have your life together hahaha mine is a mess! Happy new year :)

    1. haha what do you mean i have my life together?:D thank you!

  2. Very interesting post, thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it:)


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