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Sunday, 22 December 2013

 left: on the official last day of Uni, two friends and I celebrated the end of term with delicious food (on campus!) after I had handed in my last essay right: and at night, we paid one last visit to Wagamama and Kenia and I simply couldn't resist their cakes mmhmh
 left: outfit from the last day that I spent in Brighton right: who else here loves airport food? I had lunch at Apostrophe with my friend, I ate there for the first time and it was loovely
 left: on my first day back home, I cooked lunch for my family and had my first Christmas baking session of this winter! right: details of my outfit from Tuesday
left: on Friday, I went to France with my mum and we included a quick visit to Ikea as well and of course I couldn't walk past their cinnamon buns, tooo good! right: I snuggled up in my big jumper yesterday and put on boots to go Christmas tree shopping with my dad and brother yesterday and today we put it up and decorated it

My blogging is being awfully boring, but I've been busy catching up with friends over sushi and drinks the last two days and I'm already filling up my agenda with lots of other get togethers with old classmates over the next couple of days, I'm so excited! I will however try to get some outfit pictures taken to keep the blog running :) I thought about doing the vegan post in January or so, as I'm so lazy right now (it's not even funny anymore) and back to eating almost everything again, as I mostly eat the food that my dad cooks. Oh and it's Christmas in 3 days! Who's excited? I sure am!

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  1. That cake looks delicious, we have a wagamamas near where i live i think it will be a perfect spot to have a catch up with friends are the prices student friendly ? :) x


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