Christmas gifts

Thursday, 26 December 2013

I'm always up for filling up my wardrobe with pretty and soft socks, so these were a very convenient but lovely little gift!
Ever since I started informing myself about vegan eating, (about 6-7 weeks ago) I've had my eye on the Vegan for fit book, which isn't only filled with delicious recipes but a lot of great knowledge about the eating style as well. I'll be doing the 30 day challenge with a friend in January, actually! The other book I got was a surprise from my mum. I don't think I would usually have picked it up myself, but I'll definitely read it in the near future.
Even though I expressed my wish of a pair of nike running shoes a couple of times on the blog lately, I ended up picking these trainers. They were a lot cheaper and I actually like them even better than the shoes I had my eyes on first! I can't wait to wear these, I've got my head full of ideas on how to wear them.
The picture shows the colour of this turtleneck, cropped (well, it's cropped in the front and longer in the back) sweater wrongly, as it's a dark, electric blue which I love! When I saw it on asos, I had to ask for it as I've desperately been looking for a cozy, pretty turtleneck sweater for months now and this one is simply perfect! It's really cozy and warm and the colour is simply gorgeous.

Along with the things in the pictures, I got money, a small vase, (which I forgot to take pictures of) matcha (green) tea powder (I might make a seperate post about what exactly this is etc.) and another book (It by Alexa Chung) is still on its way to my place. I had a very nice Christmas, ate way too much (the way it's supposed to be, am I right?) and am more than pleased with my presents.

PS: Oh yes and I sneakily bought myself a pair of shoes I've had my eyes on since April and a cute sweater which are on their way to my place right now.. A little Christmas present for me, from me hehe!

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