River Island Boots

Saturday, 16 November 2013

 photo IMG_7301_zpsb4e9bba7.jpg photo IMG_7306_zpsae39bb41.jpg photo IMG_7305_zps4f01c318.jpg The last time I was in Brighton, I had a peek into River Island and these boots immediately caught my eye! I love the burgundy colour and the fact that they are shiny but don't look cheap and how pretty is that little gold detail? I've been meaning to show you an outfit picture with the boots but since the only reason I'm leaving th house today is to go to the gym, I really couldn't bother to get all dressed up and ready only to take pictures, but I'm promising to make an outfit post with them soon! PS: They were only £35!


  1. they're REALLY pretty (although htey have very similar ones in primark that are even cheaper) and i'm glad you're blogging often lately

    1. thank you, i'm glad that you appreciate my effort :)

  2. i like the colour and its soo shiny love it x

  3. what?! that's a real good deal, they're so pretty!!:)

    xx Claude


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