Tuesday, 5 November 2013


First of all: it really, really bugs me that the lighting is literally never then same when I take pictures of recent buys, but I really don't know how to improve this.. any suggestions?
Here are the couple of things I bought on Sunday in Brighton. I'm really happy, as I found a few things that were on my wishlist, like this wonderful faux leather skirt from Primark for unbelievable £10! The cropped turtleneck sweater is something I've been wanting to try for a while but didn't dare to spend a fortune on, as I didn't know if I'd actually wear it a lot, so this one for £3.50 will be the perfect experiment object. Lastly, I also wanted brown lace up boots for a little while now, and even though these ones are obviously not the best quality, I really liked them and couldn't resist to buy them for £15 only! I also bought a navy skater dress, but it was pretty much impossible to take proper pictures of that. In Topshop, I finally found a beautiful pair of plaid (well, kind of?) pants, which has also been a wishlist-item for a while now. Unlike my basic idea of buying some that fit loosely, these are tight and very highwaisted but I still really love them! The frilly socks are just something small I picked up because they're just so cute. Finally, I ended up buying jewelry only at the Vintage Fair, but look at those sparkly beauties! I've been wanting a diamond-like but delicate necklace for a while now, and this one for £15 just makes me want to start singing "Diamonds are a girl's best friend". As well as the necklace, I also really wanted some Princess Di inspired earrings for months now, and I think this pair was well worth its £8!

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