Friday, 8 November 2013

 My mum bought me this adorable box (it's supposed to be for carrying cakes) to put all my medicine in, isn't it pretty?
 I also got this incredibly practical teapot-and-cup-in-one, I've been using it every morning!
 I love the timing of this picture! Celebrating my flatmate's 19th birthday last week
We had the most gorgeous weather in Brighton last Sunday - it's getting colder but the sun is out quite a lot - luckily
 I tried the Gyoza Dumplings Noodle soup at EAT on Sunday and it was delicious but oh my, was my mouth burning afterwards!
Some snapshots from the Vintage Fair - and I managed to resist all those gooorgeous cakes and cupcakes!

Whenever I make plans to go intp Brighton, I get really happy because it's always some kind of a break from the tons of work and busy study schedule and I always eat the most fabulous food in the city. On Sunday night, I'll be making my first appearance in a Wagamama restaurant which I am oh so excited about as I'm a huge fan of any food japanese! Two friends and I will be doing the Blogilates Lean Out Mini Plan 'Challenge' next week, would any of you be interested in me reporting a bit about it, etc? Happy Friday!


  1. i love photobomb posts :)

  2. ask has become like formspring, you need to have an account in order to ask questions :/


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