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Monday, 25 November 2013

I do realise that most of these pictures are pictures of food, but I've been thinking a lot about nutrition and what I eat on a daily basis and how it affects my body, mood, etc. I decided to give you an insight on what I've mostly been eating lately but also how I think I might change my eating habits.
 left: aubergine slices with chopped tomatoes, feta cheese and spices and scrambled egg with quinoa right: mango prawn curry with broccoli and cauliflower
 left: treat night with the girls with kopparberg cider and peanut butter cups right: bell pepper filled with quinoa, roasted prawns and halloumi and avocado-tomato-salad
 this isn't food related, but the streets in Brighton are finally starting to look christmassy - so pretty!
 left: dinner at wagamama with the girls right: our dessert on the same night: ovenbaked apple slices with peanut butter, agave nectar and cinnamon
left: one of my favourite breakfasts: whole wheat toast with peanutbutter and berry and banana toppings right: I made the apple cinnamon muffins for the first time (recipe from blogilates)
left: cauliflower and bell pepper curry with brown rice, a little bit of mozzarella and sweet chilli sauce right: houmous, kale, egg sandwiches and tomatoes (this kept me soo full!)

While I have never been a vegetarian, nor vegan, I always had the tendecy to eat more vegetables than meat. I recently (out of curiosity) watched this video on veganism and even though I thought that I'd never be able to drop cheese or chicken, I've been contemplating to swap to a more vegan/vegetarian, plant based diet. I've already cut out milk, which was easy for me as I only ever use milk in my oats or cereal which I replaced with lovely almond milk. Eating less meat or fish isn't too hard for me either and I'm slowly cutting down on eggs, cheese, etc. I was wondering if any of you guys are vegan? I'm quite tempted to do the Vegan For Fit Challenge (yes, the guy who created this challenge is german!) once the new year has started. Do any of you have any ideas, tips or so regarding this subject? I know that this post is quite vague, but I really would like to get some feedback from you as my readers on how you look at the whole vegan-diet!


  1. a friend of mine is vegan and it can obviously "get in the way" sometimes (such as her not being able to join us in the college dining hall cause theres literally nothing she can eat there), but otherwise its fine. It was her birthday last week and we made her a vegan-chocholate-cake:)

    1. yeah i'm aware of the "complications" of being vegan but tbh, i think i'd just not be as strict when eating out, so having something with dairy in it wouldn't necessarily keep me from not eating it.. i mostly just want to eat as vegan as possible when i'm cooking my own food! :)

  2. looks yummy,i love how your able to be healthy on a student budget definitely a big congrats is due, and ave been meaning to ask you where you buy your granola from?


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