Back to basics

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

pants: topshop tshirt: bershka boots: h&m divided necklace: primark coat: zara

IFB is currently having a "Back to basics" project where the task is to style the basic t-shirt in an original way. I used this opportunity to wear my new plaid pants and this is the outcome! If you want to see more blogs of people participating in the project, go check out the page here. Also, how awesome is it that I can put my hair up in a bun using the hairsponge and it stays!


  1. Love the outfit, that chain is stunning.

  2. I love these pants !! I love the high waist is so retro and chic!! thanks for stopping by ...xoxo

  3. love this outfit!! really want those pants :D

    Love CF x

  4. I could really do with a pair of trousers like yours here.


  5. basic outfits are definitely the best! this outfit is so gorgeous & I love the pants xx


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