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Thursday, 21 November 2013

As promised, here is the post showing the things I bought in Brighton yesterday!
(All H&M) I've been wanting a slightly tighter, striped top for a while now and this one has 3/4 sleeves (my favourite kind of sleeve lenght!), is a bit cropped and has a low back - I couldn't say no as it was £10 only. Along with that, I picked up a bit of jewellery, firstly the eyes-bracelet, as I have the exact same piece as necklace from Sheinside and really love it, secondly, I got a combination of simple golden and knuckle rings - something I've been eyeing with for a while now. I'm sure that you'll see the rings in action soon!
(H&M) I went a little ring crazy yesterday and bought another set of rings, simply because I found these so pretty as they're delicate but not boring. I'm usually really bad with rings, as I always lose them or leave them somewhere and never find them again, but I really want to improve that, haha!
(H&M) Lastly, I also got this beautiful necklace, it just immediately caught my eye and I think it would even look great with the striped top you see above...
(H&M) I don't know what it feels like to walk on clouds, but I'm pretty sure that these socks get damn close to the feeling. They're heavenly warm and fluffy and soft.. they're perfect as it's getting colder and colder!
(Poundland) As I already mentioned yesterday, I spent quite a bit of money (£13 in total) in a 99p and a £1 store. These two jars are two of the things I bought (Yes, for £1 each!!), I love them to stock my oats and granola in.
(99p store & Poundland) I also picked up this cute tray to carry my breakfast when I'm having breakfast in bed and I spontaneously went for some nuts and the oh-so-tasty milk chocolate coated raisins, mmmh.
(Boots) Before heading back to the campus, I quickly went into Boots and tok advantage of their 3 for 2 offer on make-up, etc. I found a nice bronzer which I ended up getting for free, as I bought this Rimmel nailpolish and...
 photo IMG_7329_zps13b515ef.jpg
 photo IMG_7330_zps6aad8dfa.jpg
(Boots) ... the number 110 lipstick from Kate Moss' Matte Lipsticks collection. It has a kind of coral colour which I love and it is matte - perfect or what? Since my friend bought two products only, I asked her if she could take the Baby Lips balm for me and ended up getting that one for free as well! I really love the smell and texture of it - a must when my lips are starting to break with this cold.

I obviously bought many more things at the £1 and 99p stores, but those things include things such as rainbow coloured plastic shot glasses, straws, christmas lights, cupcake silicon forms, lighters, a mini head massager (oh yes I actually bought that haha!) and so on, but I decided that those things weren't really worth showing on the blog.

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  1. Love the bracelet, was considering ordering it off eBay.


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