New Coat

Saturday, 30 November 2013

coat: romwe sweater, pants: h&m shoes: topshop

After having lusted over the powder pink coat from Primark for weeks and having fought my way through the store on the outlook for said coat at least 5 times (and I say at least, I'm convinced it happened more often), I still didn't want to settle with the thought that the only way of getting a beautiful pink coat would be to pay more than £30 (no-no for my student wallet). This resulted in me rather spontaneously buying this mint coloured coat from romwe. I am very pleased to now own a pastel coloured coat and even though it's a tad wide shoulder-wise, I am sure that I'll get a lot of wear out of it and guess what: it was less than £30! I also bought something else along with the coat, but the other item hasn't arrived yet, so you'll get to see that sometime later. The pictures aren't really supposed to work as outfit pictures, so excuse the outfit-boringness, I simply wanted to show you my new beauty! What do you think?

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