My first gel nails!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Other than going to Wagamama for the first time yesterday, I also did something else for the first time - I got my nails done, I got gel nails to be precise! I've been seeing gel nails on other people for a couple of years now but I was always either put of by their thickness or simply by their price. I never saw myself paying at least £30 to get something glued on my nails. However, a student on campus recently started spreading the message that she could make you gel nails for £10 or £15 pounds (with/without extensions) and since the nails that she showed on a picture looked really nice, I jumped at the occasion and went to try it myself! I really like the result, especially for the price of £15 only. I'll probably file around a bit and change the nailpolish colour at some point, but they even look pretty "natural". Have any of you ever tried gel nails?

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  1. OMG... don't even get me started on Wagamama... it's a staple of my diet when I'm in London! Great nails! I've never tried gels!

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