Mini Instagram update

Monday, 4 November 2013

left: a while ago, Sarah and I made banana pancakes for a Sunday breakfast and watched Gossip Girl - absolutey lovely right: random lunch I made: chicken, mushroom, cheese, bellpepper, tomato, olive salad with wholewheat toast and guacamole, yum!
left: delicious lunch at Prêt à manger when my mum was visiting; shrimp/avocado salad and coconut water right: my Cleopatra make-up - I looved it!
left: close up snapshot from yesterday - I really need to start wearing lipstick during the day more often! right: today's outfit featuring my new pants - one of the few things I picked up on my shopping trip yesterday

I realised that I hadn't done an Instagram post since August, (Can you believe it?? Time flies!) so I decided to make a small update. I only selected a few pictures, as most of the pictures on my Instagram were already shown here, as I took them with my camera as well. I'll make sure to upload a proper post showing the things that I bought yesterday tomorrow! Until then, good night xo

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