Friday, 1 November 2013

So as I already wrote two days ago, I was really excited about Halloween this year as it would be the first time that I'd properly dress up and celebrate it! I really loved all of our costumes and I think I'll wear mine again when Carnival comes around. Did you celebrate Halloween as well?

PS: How awesome are my last minute spider webs and the spooooky ghost? (made out of what I cut off from my dress)


  1. Love your costume you look amazing!

  2. I think your dress is quite short but your eyes look amazing on the last picture and the girl on the right looks gorgeous on the last picture!

    1. haha yeah, i cut off a big part of the dress at it was like a maxi dress but it ended up being a bit too short :p that's sweet, i'll tell her that!

  3. Your costume is really cool and it suits you! I have to agree with the eyes- they look amazing :)


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