Fur / Leather / Knuckle Rings

Thursday, 28 November 2013

skirt: primark top: vintage boots: bertie via topshop bag: zara scarf: h&m rings: h&m divided nailpolish: rimmel

Yesterday, I spent the day in London with two girl friends and we had an absolute blast! We ate huge amount of delicious food, went all "aww" and "ooooh" when we saw the beautiful Christmas lights on Oxford Street and spent an hour in Harrod's, drooling over clothes and shoes that we'll never be able to afford. I did take a few snapshots, so I'll probably post those tomorrow. I wanted to show you my outfit first, especially because I finally wore my new knuckle rings but - guess what! - I already managed to lose one ring, it somehow slipped of my index.. ah well. The quality of the pictures isn't the best, but this was as good as it got as it was cloudy almost the entire day.


  1. love your outfit! especially the skirt and the bag(:


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