New Coat

Saturday, 30 November 2013

coat: romwe sweater, pants: h&m shoes: topshop

After having lusted over the powder pink coat from Primark for weeks and having fought my way through the store on the outlook for said coat at least 5 times (and I say at least, I'm convinced it happened more often), I still didn't want to settle with the thought that the only way of getting a beautiful pink coat would be to pay more than £30 (no-no for my student wallet). This resulted in me rather spontaneously buying this mint coloured coat from romwe. I am very pleased to now own a pastel coloured coat and even though it's a tad wide shoulder-wise, I am sure that I'll get a lot of wear out of it and guess what: it was less than £30! I also bought something else along with the coat, but the other item hasn't arrived yet, so you'll get to see that sometime later. The pictures aren't really supposed to work as outfit pictures, so excuse the outfit-boringness, I simply wanted to show you my new beauty! What do you think?

London Snapshots

Friday, 29 November 2013

When we arrived in London around 11, my friends and I immediately headed to Camden Lock (neither one of them had been there yet, so I really wanted them to go there with me!) where we had a multi culti lunch consisting of polish deep fried and steamed dumplings filled with cheese, sauerkraut, potatoes and spinach, a turkish plate filled with houmous, falafels, other dips and salad and an italian crepe-like meal filled with goats cheese, pesto and salad! Obviously, I didn't eat vegan that day, but I wasn't expecting myself to do so as I just really wanted to use the advantage of eating in London. We later also bought peanut butter chocolate and different kinds of cookies and let me tell you - I was so stuffed, my stomach actually hurt! After having a stroll around the rest of the market, we went to Harrod's and that's also the only place that I spent money on something which wasn't food, as I bought a magazine and a vegan cookbook. Then we had our typical Starbucks break and admired the beautiful Christmas decoration, followed by our very first visit to a Victoria's Secret store (WOW). We finished off our day at Yo! Sushi and took the train back to Brighton around 10. I had an amazing time, a break from Uni was well needed and we're already planning our next trip to London in the new year!

Fur / Leather / Knuckle Rings

Thursday, 28 November 2013

skirt: primark top: vintage boots: bertie via topshop bag: zara scarf: h&m rings: h&m divided nailpolish: rimmel

Yesterday, I spent the day in London with two girl friends and we had an absolute blast! We ate huge amount of delicious food, went all "aww" and "ooooh" when we saw the beautiful Christmas lights on Oxford Street and spent an hour in Harrod's, drooling over clothes and shoes that we'll never be able to afford. I did take a few snapshots, so I'll probably post those tomorrow. I wanted to show you my outfit first, especially because I finally wore my new knuckle rings but - guess what! - I already managed to lose one ring, it somehow slipped of my index.. ah well. The quality of the pictures isn't the best, but this was as good as it got as it was cloudy almost the entire day.

Phone snaphots - Life update - Food

Monday, 25 November 2013

I do realise that most of these pictures are pictures of food, but I've been thinking a lot about nutrition and what I eat on a daily basis and how it affects my body, mood, etc. I decided to give you an insight on what I've mostly been eating lately but also how I think I might change my eating habits.
 left: aubergine slices with chopped tomatoes, feta cheese and spices and scrambled egg with quinoa right: mango prawn curry with broccoli and cauliflower
 left: treat night with the girls with kopparberg cider and peanut butter cups right: bell pepper filled with quinoa, roasted prawns and halloumi and avocado-tomato-salad
 this isn't food related, but the streets in Brighton are finally starting to look christmassy - so pretty!
 left: dinner at wagamama with the girls right: our dessert on the same night: ovenbaked apple slices with peanut butter, agave nectar and cinnamon
left: one of my favourite breakfasts: whole wheat toast with peanutbutter and berry and banana toppings right: I made the apple cinnamon muffins for the first time (recipe from blogilates)
left: cauliflower and bell pepper curry with brown rice, a little bit of mozzarella and sweet chilli sauce right: houmous, kale, egg sandwiches and tomatoes (this kept me soo full!)

While I have never been a vegetarian, nor vegan, I always had the tendecy to eat more vegetables than meat. I recently (out of curiosity) watched this video on veganism and even though I thought that I'd never be able to drop cheese or chicken, I've been contemplating to swap to a more vegan/vegetarian, plant based diet. I've already cut out milk, which was easy for me as I only ever use milk in my oats or cereal which I replaced with lovely almond milk. Eating less meat or fish isn't too hard for me either and I'm slowly cutting down on eggs, cheese, etc. I was wondering if any of you guys are vegan? I'm quite tempted to do the Vegan For Fit Challenge (yes, the guy who created this challenge is german!) once the new year has started. Do any of you have any ideas, tips or so regarding this subject? I know that this post is quite vague, but I really would like to get some feedback from you as my readers on how you look at the whole vegan-diet!


Friday, 22 November 2013

skirt, boots, necklace: h&m divided sweater: primark coat: zara lipstick: kate moss for rimmel

I decided to go all black today and only add my new necklace and lisptick for a touch of colour. Even though I feel quite dressed up like this for a day-outfit, I really want to start dressing a bit more special, even if it's just to go to class and walk around campus. It is pretty cold outside, so I'll definitely add another layer, a beanie, a big scarf and some gloves to this, but that way you wouldn't actually have gotten to see anything of the outfit! What do you think about the outfit? :)

New In

Thursday, 21 November 2013

As promised, here is the post showing the things I bought in Brighton yesterday!
(All H&M) I've been wanting a slightly tighter, striped top for a while now and this one has 3/4 sleeves (my favourite kind of sleeve lenght!), is a bit cropped and has a low back - I couldn't say no as it was £10 only. Along with that, I picked up a bit of jewellery, firstly the eyes-bracelet, as I have the exact same piece as necklace from Sheinside and really love it, secondly, I got a combination of simple golden and knuckle rings - something I've been eyeing with for a while now. I'm sure that you'll see the rings in action soon!
(H&M) I went a little ring crazy yesterday and bought another set of rings, simply because I found these so pretty as they're delicate but not boring. I'm usually really bad with rings, as I always lose them or leave them somewhere and never find them again, but I really want to improve that, haha!
(H&M) Lastly, I also got this beautiful necklace, it just immediately caught my eye and I think it would even look great with the striped top you see above...
(H&M) I don't know what it feels like to walk on clouds, but I'm pretty sure that these socks get damn close to the feeling. They're heavenly warm and fluffy and soft.. they're perfect as it's getting colder and colder!
(Poundland) As I already mentioned yesterday, I spent quite a bit of money (£13 in total) in a 99p and a £1 store. These two jars are two of the things I bought (Yes, for £1 each!!), I love them to stock my oats and granola in.
(99p store & Poundland) I also picked up this cute tray to carry my breakfast when I'm having breakfast in bed and I spontaneously went for some nuts and the oh-so-tasty milk chocolate coated raisins, mmmh.
(Boots) Before heading back to the campus, I quickly went into Boots and tok advantage of their 3 for 2 offer on make-up, etc. I found a nice bronzer which I ended up getting for free, as I bought this Rimmel nailpolish and...
 photo IMG_7329_zps13b515ef.jpg
 photo IMG_7330_zps6aad8dfa.jpg
(Boots) ... the number 110 lipstick from Kate Moss' Matte Lipsticks collection. It has a kind of coral colour which I love and it is matte - perfect or what? Since my friend bought two products only, I asked her if she could take the Baby Lips balm for me and ended up getting that one for free as well! I really love the smell and texture of it - a must when my lips are starting to break with this cold.

I obviously bought many more things at the £1 and 99p stores, but those things include things such as rainbow coloured plastic shot glasses, straws, christmas lights, cupcake silicon forms, lighters, a mini head massager (oh yes I actually bought that haha!) and so on, but I decided that those things weren't really worth showing on the blog.


Monday, 18 November 2013

 photo IMG_7307-horz_zps453efc23.jpg photo IMG_7310_zps4e5fc720.jpg  pants, pullover: h&m boots: river island coat: vintage

Hey there! I apologize for the lack of updates, but as for ever blogger, the combination of work, lazyness, cold and early darkness is not the best mix to come up with new posts. I'm currently looking for inspiration everywhere possible but I just can't seem to be inspired! I did, however, pull myself together today and take outfit pictures with my new boots that I showed you in the previous post. I really like the outcome of pairing them with leather and fur, I'll definitely have to wear this combination more often! That's it for now, I'm off to Wagamama with the girls soon which will be followed by watching Notting Hill while eating baked apple slices and doing our nails, while others are out partying. (And I definitely think that we're better off with a cozy evening tonight - it's just so damn cold!) I'm wishing you all a good start into the new week! xo

River Island Boots

Saturday, 16 November 2013

 photo IMG_7301_zpsb4e9bba7.jpg photo IMG_7306_zpsae39bb41.jpg photo IMG_7305_zps4f01c318.jpg The last time I was in Brighton, I had a peek into River Island and these boots immediately caught my eye! I love the burgundy colour and the fact that they are shiny but don't look cheap and how pretty is that little gold detail? I've been meaning to show you an outfit picture with the boots but since the only reason I'm leaving th house today is to go to the gym, I really couldn't bother to get all dressed up and ready only to take pictures, but I'm promising to make an outfit post with them soon! PS: They were only £35!

November Wishlist

Thursday, 14 November 2013

November wishlist
Here I am with a wishlist - once again! I have to admit this collage doesn't look very pretty or neat, as nothing really matches, but here are some things that I wouldn't mind picking up this month.

Two-pieces: Yes, this probably does not fit the season at all as it is seriously starting to cool down (I actually wore gloves today, brrr), but ever since I saw the first pictures of girls in gorgeous two-pieces laying around on tumblr, I've been wanting one two! I don't have any specific idea of the pattern, but a cute top-skirt-combination would be the perfect thing to wear both during the day or at night!

Faux fur collar: I've been looking for a decent faux fur collar since last winter already and I was pretty disappointed when I didn't find one at the Vintage Fair, as they were all either too big or too small or too expensive.

Over the knee boots: Lately I've been seeing a lot of girls wearing over the knee boots on campus, mostly wearing them with dresses or skirts, which I find so girly but chic at the same time! I have a pair from Marks & Spencer or even H&M (yes, I saw nice ones there!) on my mind, especially since I don't want to spend a fortune on the boots - I'll definitely have a better look at the boots the next time I'm in Brighton.

Liquid eyeliner: Even though I have at least one or two liquid eyeliners at home in Luxembourg, I didn't bring any of them with me to Uni and I've recently really wanted to practice on the perfect eyeliner wings, so I'll have to find one to buy around here!

Short trench coat: This is something I've been wanting for a while now as well, particularly as I want a shorter version of a trench coat. It seems to be impossible to find at the moment though, so I'm open to any suggestions!

Dark denim shirt: Again, something I've been trying to find for a while now but never found. I own a longer, light blue denim shirt but I really want a simpler, dark and shorter denim shirt as it looks more casual and can be worn with jeans without having to tuck the shirt into them.

Bronzer: I don't usually wear a lot of make-up (the necessary cover up and some mascara - that's it) but whenever winter comes near, I get so awfully pale, that I always feel the need to bring some colour into my face by highlighting my cheeks. I do own blush but I've been wanting a bronzer for a couple of weeks now.. I'm thinking from Boots or Superdrug - staying on the affordable side!

White jeans: The last time I can remember owning white jeans was probably when I was around 12 and since then, I never really felt like getting a pair again, especially because I'm so clumsy and will literally get my clothes dirty faster than a little kid. However, I'm now really tempted to tame my inner child and buy a nice pair of white jeans, as it can really brighten up an outfit (obviously, duh) and it's a nice change from the usual blue/black jeans.

All black, turtleneck & vintage bling bling

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

sweater, coat: primark skirt: h&m divided shoes: topshop/office bag: zara necklace: vintage lipstick: sephora

I've been thinking about how to wear my new cropped turleneck sweater that I bought recently for a while now and I decided to go for the easy all-black-outfit to start off. Since it was dry (but cold, oh so cold!) Sunday, I used the opportunity to wear my black loafers out - I really have to start wearing them more! To brighten up the outfit a little bit, I applied my dark pink lipstick from Sephora and added the diamond necklace I bought at the Vintage Fair the previous Sunday. What do you think about this outfit? Do you have any suggestions on how else to wear a tight, cropped turleneck sweater?

November Inspiration

Monday, 11 November 2013

 photo november-horz_zps953651fb.jpg photo november11-horz_zpsdc992ccb.jpg photo november7-horz_zps769be788.jpg photo november9-horz_zps851d59c4.jpg photo november6-horz_zps30e31807.jpg photo november4-horz_zps4e00b554.jpg
all pictures are from my tumblr

My first gel nails!

Other than going to Wagamama for the first time yesterday, I also did something else for the first time - I got my nails done, I got gel nails to be precise! I've been seeing gel nails on other people for a couple of years now but I was always either put of by their thickness or simply by their price. I never saw myself paying at least £30 to get something glued on my nails. However, a student on campus recently started spreading the message that she could make you gel nails for £10 or £15 pounds (with/without extensions) and since the nails that she showed on a picture looked really nice, I jumped at the occasion and went to try it myself! I really like the result, especially for the price of £15 only. I'll probably file around a bit and change the nailpolish colour at some point, but they even look pretty "natural". Have any of you ever tried gel nails?

Stripes, leather and kimono

Saturday, 9 November 2013

skirt, kimono: primark top: zara boots: bertie via topshop

I've had these pictures saved in my folders for a couple of days now, waiting for a time where I'd run out of ideas for posts to show you this outfit. I really wanted to combine my faux leather skirt I got from Primark last week and also felt like somehow incorporating my kimono in the whole look. At first, I was really not sure if the whole thing doesn't look too much "in your face"-y, together with the stripes but I think I really like the result! What do you think? Do you have any great ways to combine leather skirts or kimonos? I would love to see any kind of links in form of a comment - be it one to your own outfit or just another inspirational styling that you found! Have a nice rest of the weekend xo


Friday, 8 November 2013

 My mum bought me this adorable box (it's supposed to be for carrying cakes) to put all my medicine in, isn't it pretty?
 I also got this incredibly practical teapot-and-cup-in-one, I've been using it every morning!
 I love the timing of this picture! Celebrating my flatmate's 19th birthday last week
We had the most gorgeous weather in Brighton last Sunday - it's getting colder but the sun is out quite a lot - luckily
 I tried the Gyoza Dumplings Noodle soup at EAT on Sunday and it was delicious but oh my, was my mouth burning afterwards!
Some snapshots from the Vintage Fair - and I managed to resist all those gooorgeous cakes and cupcakes!

Whenever I make plans to go intp Brighton, I get really happy because it's always some kind of a break from the tons of work and busy study schedule and I always eat the most fabulous food in the city. On Sunday night, I'll be making my first appearance in a Wagamama restaurant which I am oh so excited about as I'm a huge fan of any food japanese! Two friends and I will be doing the Blogilates Lean Out Mini Plan 'Challenge' next week, would any of you be interested in me reporting a bit about it, etc? Happy Friday!