Vintage Halloween Pictures

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Where I come from, Halloween is almost inexistent - people might splash some blood on their faces or buy cat ears to go to "Halloween Parties" but that's the furthest it goes. Since I moved to the UK, I've been really excited about Halloween (for the first time!) and even got myself a costume. I'm not sure what tomorrow night will look like, (flatparties vs. night out in the city?) but whatever we'll end up doing, at least I'll get to wear a Halloween costume for the first time! How about you? Do you celebrate Halloween? Are you excited? Do let me know what you're planning and link me to any of your posts that are related to Halloween!

When I had a browse through the IFB website, (check it out if you haven't yet!) I found a couple of sources with vintage Halloween pictures and decided to share my favourites. There's just something about the pictures being old that makes them look so spooky. Enjoy!
 photo halloween3_zps7e583377.jpg 
 photo halloween7-horz_zpsff0301d4.jpg photo halloween2_zps92481e7d.jpg photo halloween_zps44805048.jpg photo halloween4-horz_zpsaae18664.jpg 
For the original sources of the pictures and more pictures, look here and here

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