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Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Sartorialist photo thesartorialist_zpsaeb8923d.jpg
I've been following The Satorialist's blog on Bloglovin for a while now and somehow felt the urge to put together a post with pictures of him that I liked/inspired me lately. All pictures from this post can be found on his blog. I like his pictures so much because even though they often show people who are dressed amazingly, you won't necessarily find the typical streetstyle kind of shots. There's something so real, so raw in people that have been taken a picture of while they did something as natural as walking, laughing or talking. I really liked scrolling through the blog and I often had a hard to narrow it down to a few pictures only, otherwise this post would've been massive. What do you think of the pictures I picked? Do you like them?  photo thesartorialist7_zps00b1f44a.jpgThe Sartorialist photo thesartorialist8_zps31245649.jpg photo thesartorialist5_zps92ca0908.jpgThe Sartorialist photo thesartorialist4_zpsaac4a471.jpgThe Sartorialist photo thesartorialist9_zpsbb81c333.jpgThe Sartorialist photo thesartorialist6_zpsf8516de3.jpgThe Sartorialist photo thesartorialist2_zpse5ebba0b.jpg

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  1. Mmm, The Sartorialist is so good for outfit inspiration and you're right that the images are more 'raw'. The top image is amazing, that coat oh my god.



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