Small update

Monday, 21 October 2013

 pants: guess sweater: h&m shoes: sacha

I've literally been wanting to update the entire day but either had no inspiration of pictures, so I thought I'd have to wait until I have new pictures tomorrow. Luckily, I just found a couple of mirror pictures I took of an outfit that I wore last week and even though I only like the outcome of one of the pictures, I still took the opportunity to post. I basically wanted to say thank you for all the feedback on the last post; I'll definitely take my camera with me tomorrow or on Wednesday when I'm on campus, so I'll snap some pictures for you guys! I'm still not too sure about the Facebook page, as I don't know if many people would actually 'like' it, and so on.
That's it for now, I'm going to bed soon! I'll probably make a music post soon though, since I just recently added a lot of music to my iTunes, so if you have any music suggestions, do let me know in a comment! xo


  1. Nice shoes !

  2. personally i've been listening to this lately but i'm not sure if this is really what you like:)

  3. it's not the kind of stuff i would usually listen to but this is really nice and so relaxing! :)

  4. I love your pants.They look amazing with those gold prints on.

    Style Of OzOz

    Style Of OzOz Facebook Page

  5. love your pants! i've created a new blog, and it would be nice if you could check it out :)


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