Thursday, 17 October 2013

 I bought some cacti to brighten up my room, aren't they cute?

 Pictures from when I went to Brighton with two friends about a week ago
 Random outfit; dress: primark fake fur jacket: h&m divided boots: topshop
One of my flatmates and me last Tuesday night

I decided that I should start taking random pictures here and then to make photobombs sometimes - is that something you would like me to post more often? Also, whenever I actually would have had the time to take outfit pictures, it was pouring, so those plans never worked out.. Also, everyone go watch Lolita (the 1997 version), I just finished watching it and I loved it!


  1. I like the photobomb idea as it's more personal, and I still think blogs are pretty personal places! Love the brighton photos, although it makes me miss it a lot. And don't even get me started on the rain, it's so bloody annoying! xx

  2. I'm not from Brighton, no (I'm from Essex, and went to uni in Liverpool), but I visited a couple of years ago and have wanted to go back ever since!

  3. Love your all black outfit - it looks very city chic. I agree that the cacti are a nice touch for brightening the room, too. Thanks for stopping by blog. Your blog is lovely! xx

  4. I love the pictures ! They look so nice !

  5. Yay cacti! I've been wanting some for our new home. :)

    xo Ashley


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