Olivia Palermo Hair Inspiration

Saturday, 5 October 2013

I don't know why, but for a couple of weeks now, I've been thinking about chopping off some of my hair. Even though I have waited what seemed like forever to get my hair to be as long as it is now and I really do like having a long ponytail or finally being able to make braids that don't fall apart after a couple of minutes, I'm bored of my hair. I don't have the thickest/most voluminous hair ever, so I always really think about it before doing something cutting-wise with it, as it can quickly look weird/boring. I've googled some inspiration and then I realised who was my main hair inspiration for what I'm looking for right now: Olivia Palermo! My hair is a similar colour as hers and the thickness is probably also more or less the same. I've been thinking about getting my hair cut mid-length/shoulder length, something like Olivia's hair in the lower row, on the middle picture. Of course, Olivia has the most stunning face ever, so I have no idea if it'll look good on me.. any thoughts on it?


  1. I think you should cut your hair if you want to. You know hair lenght isn't temporary. If you don't like it sooner or later it will grow longer anyway. ;) I think mid- lenght hair would look great on you. And you can always cut it shoulder lenght if you don't like it that way. :)

    1. yeah that's true, i'll probably do it as soon as i have some money again haha :)


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