October Wishlist

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

October wishlist

I think I'm slowly starting to get the hang of Polyvore, so I might be creating collages more often over the next few weeks - do you like these kind of posts? And do you have any other ideas to make Polyvores with, other than fashion ones?
My mum is coming to visit me here soon and she said that we'd go shopping a little bit. Now I don't know (and I'm not setting my expectations too high) how big the chances are for me to get some of the things in this picture, but I decided to dream around a bit and put some things together that I wouldn't mind calling my own.
Plaid pants
I love how patterned pants can give your outfit a great twist when the rest of it is kept rather calmly and I've especially been loving black and white plaids, as they're easy to combine with colours as well, other than just black/grey/white. I've read that Primark is selling these kinds of pants on another blog, so I'll definitely have to do a sneaky little walk through Primark again. (As soon as I have some money ha ha)
Pastel sweaters/coats
This autumn, I somehow have the urge to buy pastel or just plain light coloured clothes - maybe to brighten up my wardrobe for winter? I've especially grown to really love baby blue and powdery pink, so one or two pastel sweaters and maybe even a coat would be more than lovely to own now that the cold weather is approaching and my coats are all black/dark blue and my sweaters are colourful but none are pastel.
Tartan scarf
I don't think I have a lot to say to this one; everyone has or wants it and I'm just another poor sould who got lured into really really wanting a tartan scarf as well by seeing it... everywhere.
Vagabond boots
When I walked through Urban Outfitters (and exited it heartbroken) 2 weeks ago, I randomly tried on these Vagabond boots and I fell in love. I know that I should probably look out for boots that are not black, as all the boots that are possess certainly are black, but I love the rough-ness of these boots and even though I would probably not wear them with dresses, they would look so damn good with pants in every colour and big, oversized coats, ah!
Smock dresses
I'm late but I'm finally falling in love with smock dresses, as they are just so easy to wear and combine. The colour of the dress in the picture is just one that I've been loving lately, as I already own a mustard sweater, but would I like to own a smock dress in every colour you ask? Yes, please!
Light coloured bags
And here we are back again to a light coloured piece! Even though pretty much every blog in the universe has already been filled with monochrome outfit pictures, I still love the black/white look and this bag would look stunning with so many things, especially since it has a really classy style. I should probably learn how to take care of a bag first (aka not throwing it on the floor as soon as I get to take it off my shoulder) before buying a white one, but hey, owning a white bag surely would motivate me?
Silver watch
I don't even know why I picked this watch to add to the collage, but I like how casual it looks, as it is quite discreet and looks a bit rougher and simpler than my golden watch.
Dark brown lipstick
I have a love for orange or light pink lipstick, but I have this thing that I hate wearing them as I feel like my teeth look 472022670 times more yellow than they really are. So, instead of buying a lipstick I'd never wear, I found myself looking at brown shades, which I think is different from the classic red lipstick but still not too funky to add to a day-outfit.
Canon digital camera
Lastly, I've been wanting to get myself a good digital camera for a while now, as I like to be able to take good quality pictures whenever I want to (all for you guys, all for you) without having to carry around my big, heavy monste of a camera, but I've somehow never gotten around actually looking at digital cameras in detail.. This might sound like a mission for the Christmas holidays!

PS: If you've read all this, then *clapclap* because whoa did I write a lot for a wishlist post.


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