Monday, 28 October 2013

 Secondhand (Beyond Retro)
 Secondhand (Beyond Retro)
 Secondhand (Beyond Retro)


Since I spent the weekend with my mum who came to visit me, I spent a lot of time eating good food, walking around Brighton and doing some shopping here and there. I didn't take my camera with me, so there won't be any weekend pictures, but I decided to show you what I got/bought last weekend. My mum and I went to a vintage/secondhand store that I've been wanting to go for a while now on Saturday and I found the knitted jumper, (which I bought myself) faux fur jacket and a pretty belt there! My mum paid for the jacket as an early St. Nicholas present (in Luxembourg, you get a part of your Christmas presents on the 6th of December already) and she really wanted me to have the belt as well, so she paid that too. It was pretty much impossible to take a good picture of the faux fur jacket, but I'm sure that I'll have an outfit post with it up on the blog soon! I also finally got a bag that's big enough to fit my folders in when I'm on campus, as it's really annoying to have to carry them in my arms, especially when it's pouring. Finally, as some of you might remember, one of the things on my wishlist (see the post here) was a brown lipstick and I found this one in Boots! It's really dark, so I feel a little bit like one of the Spice Girls when wearing it, but I like how different it is compared to the typical red/pink lipsticks!

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