Monday, 14 October 2013

Ironically enough, I've spent more time watching movies with my flatmates and friends since I moved in at Uni than going out. I think I yet have to discover the good places to go to and I have to stop spending all my money on coffee and clothes in order to be able to afford a good night out, haha! Now, since I have re-watched quite a few movies recently, I decided to share which ones I loved the most and hopefully you'll be inspired to stay in with tea, cozy blankets and one of these movies, because really - I loved them all!

Les intouchables
After having watched this movie for the first time about a year ago, I rewatched it with some friends yesterday and it just made me love the movie even more. This movie is so heartbreakingly sad and beautiful and extremely funny at the same time! I also love that it's a French movie, as it's nice to see a change from the usual American movies.

Some like it hot
I remember watching this movie in French with my dad years and years ago and I already found it really funny back then, even though I didn't understand everything. Some like it hot is also the only movie I've seen with Maryling Monroe so far and it's one of the few black and white movies I've seen and would not mind rewatching a hundred times! This movie has certainly encouraged me to go on a Maryling Monroe movie hunt!

Catch me if you can
Catch me if you can is a must-see for every Leo fan out there (I am slowly converting into one), showing him as a young, handsome and wicked boy scamming his way through life. The movie is packed with funny scenes and even though it leaves a bitter taste after having watched it. (even if it does end somehow happily) I can feel myself getting more and more into older movies, as I feel like many of the actual/new movies that are in the cinemas right now repeat stories that have been previously used in other movies. And seriously though, this movie is already worth watching for that man candy.

Once again, Amanda Seyfried has played her role brilliantly, this time as Linda Lovelace her newest movie. Before watching it, I had read a pre-review in the English Glamour and I immediately knew that I wanted to watch it! Amanda portrays Linda perfectly and the movie is full of beautiful, happy scenes but it also shows the harsh and negative sides of the porn business, which left me thinking for quite a while after I had finished watching the movie.

Have you watched any movies that you loved recently? Do leave me any suggestions as I'll have lots of evenings to fill with good movies.

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  1. I have seen Les intouchables and Catch me if you can. I loved them. They easy became on my movies you need to see before you die list. :D
    Some good movies: The Impossible, Seeking a friend for the end of the world, The Prestige, 50/50, Easy Virtue, The Kings Speech, The next three days, The Horse Whisperer, The Invisible, I could go on and on this list :D


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