Leather & Sneakers

Friday, 18 October 2013

pants: h&m jumper: / coat: primark shoes: reebok

Now I know that these sneakers are not Nike ones and yes, they're still on my wishlist (christmas, get here fasteeer), but I simply couldn't have my reebok running shoes standing in my room all day and not actually wearing them, so I spontaneously decided to actually wear them during the day. Since one of my favourite combinations I saw online is to combine leather pants with sneakers, I opted for this option and I really like the outcome, and I particularly love how the coat makes it somehow put together, as it's more of a classic piece. Oh and also, I felt like walking on clouds all day too, so I'm definitely taking the shoes for a walk during the day again soon!

PS: How awesome is this picture taking spot Sarah and I discovered today? It's actually on top of a lecture building, so there's never anyone there and it's so much fun to observe people when no one really sees you, hehe!


  1. I really like your style, I wish I were that stylish when I was your age (I sound so old lol)
    The runners are perfect with the outfit !

  2. Love it! The sneakers look great and so cheery and pink haha :D x


  3. They are amazing and you should def wear them during the day again because they look so lovely with that outfit!

  4. Seriously need to get my hands on that primark coat!x


  5. I neeeeeed this coat in my life!

    Xo, Hannah



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