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Friday, 4 October 2013

I still have to get used to work with the lighting in my room here, so please excuse the different lighting/colours of the pictures! Here are the few things I picked up in Brighton on Wednesday. I spent half the day looking for chelsea boots but whenever I found nice ones, I didn't want to spend £60+. Ironically, my friend and I spontaneously went to H&M for a quick browse and I found these Chelsea boots! I like that they're a bit rougher and they had a more "feminine" version as well and I'm thinking about going to pick those up as well as soon as my bank account has recovered from all the spending. The boots were only £25 so I really couldn't resist. The black skirt is something I wanted since my asos one is simply too short when I wear it highwaisted, I don't know if I've grown or?? I paid £13 for the skirt. The next picture is a bit pointless, since you can't see what it is, but it's a maxi skirt with two slits on the side. Now I have bought a very similar one in Primark in summer, but having not tried it on in the shop, I really don't like how it's so tight, so I tried this one on in H&M in size S and even though it's a bit big around the waist, I can wear it properly highwaisted and it's more flowy, it was £15. The denim skirt is something I've always walked past these last weeks and never bought, but I finally gave in because.. I don't even know why but it was £13 as well, so I just bought it and I'm really looking forward to combining it! Finally, the hair bun thingie is something I forgot to bring with me to the UK when I moved, so I just bought another one as they're always good to have. I also am back to loving over the knee socks, especially since it's not cold enough yet here to go in tights (okay, I'm trying to avoid it) but it's sometimes already too chilly to go bare legged, so high socks are the perfect inbetweeners!


  1. Nice list !

  2. I get that you love boots but to be honest I think most of your boots are quite similar and I think the ones on this post are almost identical to ones that you got last winter or something like that :p

    1. haha yes you're right, i have a pair that's quite similar to them, but i couldn't bring them to england :p however, i don't have any boots that are chelsea ones, so i really wanted that specific style!


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