Saturday, 12 October 2013

jeggings: dr denim boots, faux fur jacket: h&m divided top: topshop

I don't know why, but for some reason the quality of the outfit pictures I took today is really bad in all of the pictures apart from this one which is okay. Unfortunately, I only realised this now when I edited the pictures, so I'll only have one outfit picture for today. I basically spent my Saturday dying in spinning class with Sarah, then we had tasty lunch together and spent a good 3 hours in the library working. I don't have any exciting plans for the upcoming days so I don't know what I'll keep on posting about, as I feel like posting outfit pictures only might start getting a bit dull at some points.. do any of you have suggestions for posts? :)


  1. Love this outfit ! Looks so good !

  2. I love your haircut, it suits you so nicely! And I really want a furry jacket like this for when I come over to the UK... For my media blog, it was mostly about online journalism and online media and that sort of thing, based on our lectures, it's at elizabuzacottspeer.blogspot.com.au if you want to have a look! It was really interesting though and so much more fun than essays haha



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