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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

 This is the part of the campus where I live. It's the furthest one away from the main campus, but it was built only two years ago and it's in the middle of nature, so it's really nice to be there.

 These are just a couple of school buildings, I actually only have class in one of the school buildings shown on the pictures! (The Fulton building)
 Walking towards the Library Sqaure where you'll find..
 ...the library, surprise! I really, really love the library here, it's huge and has different studying spaces, tons of computers and such good food and coffee in the library cafĂ©!
And right next to the library is the other building I have class in (Arts A)
Falmer House is one of the buildings where you'll find a small social space, the office of the University magazine and one of the two main bars on campus.

So here are the promised photos of my Uni campus. I didn't take pictures of every single building, but these are the main ones (at least for me). The sun was already slowly starting to go down, so the lighting wasn't ideal, but look at that weather! You can finally see the colourful trees around here as well, which makes the campus look even prettier :)

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  1. thanks for sharing this for us, i love the nature around looks like a really nice place!


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