Striped, Neon and Boyfriend jeans

Sunday, 8 September 2013

jeans, shoes: h&m bag, top: zara

Hey guys! I'm so sorry about the absence of posts on here over the last couple of days, but I've been way too busy enjoying my last days in Luxembourg. On Thursday, it went up to 28 degrees again, so I spent the day at the pool with friends. On Friday, one of my best friends turned 18 and I helped her organising the party the she held in the evening, it was tons of fun! I do have pictures of the evening, so I'll post some on here. Yesterday, I spent my day sleeping and then had a family dinner, nothing too exciting. Today I'll start packing my things as I'm leaving to the UK in four days - can't believe it!
I'll be back with more later xo


  1. I love the look, the bag puts the outfit together !

  2. I cant believe it either!! youre 18!! ive been following u since u were 15 i feel kinda of old, although im 23 yeaars old hahaha. I love the look and i wish u the best in the UK. Hope u can post frequently :)
    Kisses from Argentina.

    1. ahh it's so nice to find an "old" follower (as in someone who's been following me for so long, haha) :D thank you and i definitely will try my best :))

  3. stripped top and in boyfriend its a great combination of jeans..!!
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