Saturday, 21 September 2013

 It's funny how you can casually see seagulls, foxes, squirrels and even rabbits on campus!
 The Uni gave out lots of awesome free food during the first couple of days this week, sooo yummy
 Random view I had while on the bus
 My two flatmates cooking - good boys!
 Cian, Sarah & Martin (the guys are my flatmates) on Tuesday when we went out
 We recently ordered Indian food and it was sooooo good! Ordering food is something you can barely do in Luxembourg, so I'm really loving the whole sit-and-relax while waiting for your order, without having to sit on a table the entire time like in restaurants

 On Thursday evening, the Brighton Pier got closed for the freshers from our Uni and we got unlimited free rides!
It can't get any more british: fish & chips with mushy peas


  1. Cuisine-expert flatmates huh? Lucky girl! ;) The food looks yummy!


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