Shoe cravings

Monday, 30 September 2013


 all these boots are sold via asos

My biggest weakness when it comes to shoes are boots. When I was younger, I used to hate going shopping for boots, because it always took me ages to find some that wouldn't make my feet look bigger or my legs even thinner, but as soon as I had found a good pair, I lived in them until they broke into pieces! Nowadays, I don't have a problem with deciding which ones to buy because of what fits me/what doesn't fit me, but because of how much money I can spend, haha! I love having different kinds of boots to wear with dresses or big coats or leather pants and chunky scarves. Naturally, moving to the UK has made my cravings for more boots even worse, as every girl here owns the coolest boots and combines them in incredible ways! Above you can see a couple of pairs that I particularly like right now. My favourites here have to be the Chelsea boots and the snake skin Chelsea wellies! The entire Chelsea boot style is really starting to grow on me, plus I've been looking for wellies but still haven't found any. I'm saving up for another pair ATM, boo student budget!

PS: Did anyone notice that all these boots are black and that all the boots I own are black too? Hmmm


  1. Love the shoes !

  2. OMG The last ones are so gorgeous!

  3. you don't post anymore, it's so boring... and when you do, the posts are quite shitty. i'm starting to dislike your blog.

  4. i don't know if i should apologize or not, but i probably shouldn't. i've had a huge amount of work to deal with (and still do) and have more important things to do than running around taking outfit pictures. i don't know who you are or what you do, but critisizing me like this surely isn't going to improve my posts. unless you have ideas for posts that don't involve me taking my camera with me every step i make, i kindly ask you to be quiet or simply not read my blog anymore. thanks


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