September Wishlist

Monday, 9 September 2013

Ever since I saw this light blue, knitted ZARA sweater, I kept on thinking about it but I was never sure if I like it or not. After seeing it on two bloggers, I'm slowly but surely falling in loce with it! I can imagine it being worn with my fake leather trousers and either sneakers or my metallic ballet pumps..

Since I'm moving soon, I started looking at accessories for my room and bathroom. Even though I'll already have a couple of plates, etc, I couldn't keep myself from looking around on the Ikea website and spot this pale pink glass/cup and bowl - yes, I'm fully back on my pink-trip, it's just so pretty! The small baskets would be perfect to keep my tons of jewelry in without it hanging and lying around everywhere. The soaps from ZARA don't only look pretty (pink - once again) but surely also smell great, which is awesome because I love it when my hands smell nice because of a soap I used, haha! (I actually planned to add a bathrobe to this collage but forgot it somehow...)

Something else I'll need for Uni is a proper bag, and I fell over this slouchy, black bag from ZARA. It doesn't necessarily have to look exactly like this one, but I'd love it to be black and made out of soft leather/material. Of course, it also has to be big enough to carry books/notebooks.

Lastly, I'm really excited to start reading for my English classes. Two books (not school related ones) I ordered a while ago still haven't arrived, so I took a look at my reading list for Uni and I'm actually looking forward to reading the books! The list includes books like The Great Gatsby (which I've already read in spring!), Alice through the looking glass (apparently it's a follow-up from Alice in Wonderland) and Jane Eyre, which I read a few lines of in a shop and it sounds a tad like a thriller-ish story, happening in older times.


  1. Love the bag - so simple :D I have to read The Great Gatsby for my English literature class this year - but I've already read it too! It's wonderful x

  2. I love the bag, it's so nice. Jane Eyre is amazing! One of my favourite books, it's kinda spooky but also romance-y and just great. I hope you enjoy it!



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