Wednesday, 18 September 2013

So here's the room tour I considered making. I did think of making a video out of it, but quite frankly, I prefered to just throw my clothes around the room to some corner while I took pictures of another corner, instead of simply tidying it up :D I'm on the campus that got built from scratch last year, so I'm really lucky because it's very modern, clean but still cozy! For those who are curious: I live with 4 guys and 1 girl, which is something I'm happy about, because it's always a bit more fun when there are more guys than girl living together (in my opinion).
I don't know when I'll have the time to post outfit pictures because my classes start tomorrow and I have to get used to my new schedule, but I'll try to post other things meanwhile. Have a nice day! xo


  1. Your halls look very cute!! Its so nice when you can have your own ensuite as well, i had one :)
    Looks like a lovely halls of residence.


  2. It's so lovely that the accommodation is brand new - it looks fab! :D x

  3. Ah, you're so lucky to be in the UK!


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