Friday, 20 September 2013

I know that it hasn't been that long since I last posted some songs that are my current most played ones, but I downloaded quite a few new ones, including an entire album, so I decided to share some more music with you guys.

The whole album I downloaded is the one called Settle by Disclosure. I already knew the song When a fire starts to burn but decided to get more songs, so I downloaded the entire album. Some of my favourite songs are F for you...

What's in your head...

and White noise.

Another artist I recently discovered is Charli XCX, I think she has a lovely voice and her songs are refreshingly different! End of the world is one of my favourite songs, together with...

Stay away.

Even though Lana Del Rey's song Summertime sadness isn't exactly the newest song, I recently discovered my love for this particular remix of the song, I love dancing to it in clubs!

Finally, Gun by CHVRCHES has to be one of my most played songs at the moment. I didn't really like their first "popular" song Recover, but since their other song called The mother we share started being played up and down on the radio, I've been looking into their music more and this one has to be my favourite! (I definitely need to download more of their stuff though)

What are your current favourites? Any suggestions?

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