Birkenstock - back in style?

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I recently read an article about the famous Birkenstock sandals being in again and being worn by many celebrities right now. I personally never liked these shoes and probably never will (they remind me of my biology teacher, eek) but it seems that more and more people are looking for their Birkenstocks they once wore but then put away far far away in the darkest corner of their wardrobe. I can't help but compare this suddenly appearing trend to the UGG boots hype. Birkenstock sandals are said to be extremely comfortable, and while they might be better for your feet than UGG boots (particularly fake ones) that will not properly hold your foot whatsoever, I just can't see myself wearing them! I even saw that there are new sandals being designed, like ones that look similar to the famous gladiator sandals, so the industry really is counting on selling more shoes again. What do you  think about Birkenstocks? Go-Go or No-Go? Is it just another short-whiled trend or will they actually have success and be worn by everyone - even blogger?


  1. A ONE BIG NO-GO! I personally dislike them very much and will never wear them, I don't even know what they remember me but I really hope this doesn't become a huge trend (not that it makes a difference for me cause trend or not I'm not going to wear them).

  2. Never say never! I still remember when I was a kid and I thought flared jeans were THE THING and that skinny jeans looked so stupid and ugly. I also remember when I thought jeffrey campbell litas were clown shoes and when I thought that bodycon dresses were disgusting and reminded me of Kim Kardashian. However, when it comes to these shoes, I don´t see myself wearing them..maybe at home at most.

  3. I can see them coming back into style...but the two top styles for men and the bottom two for women. I personally think that the top ones are too manly and would never wear them but Birkenstocks are really comfortable and wouldn't mind if they came back into style! I'm new to blogging but would love if you could check out my blog! Thanks :)


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