A Sunday spent in Brighton

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Like last Sunday, my friend Sarah and I decided to go into Brighton for a bit, getting tired of being on campus 24/7. The weather was quite decent, not too warm, not too cold - my favourite kind of weather! We wandered around the street, then had late lunch at this overly cute Cosiez Café and carried on walking around (okay we were (for the 3rd time) looking for someone who would fix my boots because one of the buckles of my topshop boots came off, aaargh) and as you all know me so well, I felt very snaphappy with all the cute little, colourful houses everywhere, so have another photobomb of houses/streets! I'm really starting to fall head over heels for this city, everything's so different than it is in Luxembourg...


  1. Brighton looks beautiful in those pics, love them. So many picturesque pastels and pretty details :)

  2. I want to go to Brighton, it looks so pretty!



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