White Lace

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

dress: h&m divided flats: primark sunglasses: camden lock belt: banana republic

Hey guys! Sorry for my absence yesterday, but I was busy catching up with a friend, meaning that we spent two hours drinking coffee and talking, going for a work out and then watched The Devil wears Prada while eating Ben & Jerry's. (I tried the Peanutbutter cup flavour yesterday and... I was over the moon!) Today, I had lunch with my grandma and walked around town and just relaxed. My mum gave me this dress she bought for herself a year ago already and I've been meaning to wear it with a black belt ever since but always forgot about it! The dress is actually a size 40, but worn with the belt, it's the perfect loose summer dress. Also, ignore the wet hair, I came straight home after the gym and took these pictures while my dinner was cooking and the new episode of Pretty Little Liars was downloading - gotta love multitasking, haha!


  1. I'm so in love with this dress, the belt on your waist makes it look even better :)

  2. such a gorgeous dress! you look lovely xx


  3. Lovely dress !

  4. Such a pretty dress! You have lovely hair too :) x



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