Travel Outfit

Sunday, 4 August 2013

dress, shoes: primark denim jacket: bershka sunglasses: rayban watch: asos

While is packing for London, the usually question of "What do I wear to travel?" came up. It's supposed to be 23 degrees with sunshine and tiny clouds when we land, so I decided that my midi dress is the perfect thing to wear. It's super comfortable and simple and even though it's pretty long, (well.. midi long.. ha ha ha did anyone get this?) the material is quite light and the dress isn't too tight either. I'll take a scarf and socks with me on the plane, so I can get all warm and cuddled up!
There'll be another post up tonight and then I'll say See you in London!


  1. Amazing blog ;) Love it :)
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  2. Great outfit :) x

  3. there is just something about black and light denim! simple and cute

    ordaining serendipity


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