Wednesday, 28 August 2013

dress, shoes: forever21 jacket: bershka hairtie: h&m

The only time I actually wore this dress that I got more than a year ago, was last summer, so I finally got it out today! I love how light it is because even if it got cold in the evening, I was soo warm in the afternoon. I didn't do too much today apart from having breakfast in bed while watching the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars (oh my gooooooooooooood) and meeting up with a friend. Tomorrow I'm finishing off some Uni stuff and meeting more friends and probably going to the Funfair in the evening! I also did some tiny shopping today, but more about that tomorrow!


  1. Love the dress !

  2. Love those glittery brogues, I just ordered myself some metallic ones yesterday.

  3. The dress is very pretty! Love it with the denim jacket :) x


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