Tuesday, 27 August 2013

After getting a request and since I haven't done a proper music post in a while, I decided to share my current favourite songs with you.

After there's been so much talking about the VMAs, I went on Youtube to watch a few performances, Lady Gaga's being one of them and now I'm head over heels in love with her new song Applause! It's so damn catchy but still somehow different from all the other pop songs you hear lately (at least in my opinion)

Of course, I also watched Miley Cyrus' performance and ooh wow, was I shocked! I've always somehow been a fan of her and I think that she has a great voice, but her performance at the VMAs was just waaaay over the top! However, I found a song from her new album and it's so beautiful!

When I was finally catching up with a friend whom I haven't seen in ages, we talked about music and he showed me a few songs from The Kooks' album Junk of the heart. Now, the album is not even close to new (it's from 2011) and I already knew two songs from it, but I downloaded the entire album shortly after my friend left. My current favourite songs from the album are following songs:

Petulia, just so beautiful and calming!

Fuck the world off, this song somehow immediately puts me in a good mood, don't ask why!

Mr. Nice Guy, I don't even know why I like this one, I just do!

What kind of music are you currently loving? Any tips/suggestions for me? I recently also downloaded an album from the Arctic Monkeys (same story as with The Kooks) but I haven't quite decided which songs I like the best yet.


  1. The picture looks cool !
    I'm crazy about Applause !

  2. Nice post! I'll make sure to listen to all those songs soon


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