Midi and stripes

Thursday, 1 August 2013

skirt: boohoo top: new look shoes: primark sunglasses: /

I must say that I felt very hippie-like when taking these pictures! I didn't wear the sunglasses throughout the day, but since I was make-up-less, with wet hair after having worked out previously, I decided to just throw them on. Since I'm still working, I tried to keep it casual and not too naked (aka showing off that little part of your belly when wearing crop tops, so I decided to wear my rather big crop top. I'm loving my skirt(s) already and as soon as I have more time and opportunities, I'll try to combine them with lots of different clothing items.

Before I post this and go straight to bed: TGIF tomorrow! Not only does that mean that the weekend is near, meaning I can sleeeeeeeeep, but I'm also going out with a bunch of friends tomorrow and oh yes, London is calling! I'll try to snap pictures of tomorrow night's outfit, if I can come up with anything not too boring. Until then, have a nice rest of your Thursday! xo


  1. Love the sunglasses!

  2. Love the look !

  3. Lovely outfit - so simple :D Sounds like you've got a fab weekend coming up! x


  4. You really look amazing! Thanks for the sweet comment, of course we can follow each other, followed you now :)



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