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Friday, 16 August 2013

 Crepes with chocolate, crepes with strawberries and loots of coffee, club sandwiches, biking near the sea, fish soup and look at that; a strawberry vending machine!
Pretty views, more biking, ice cream with sprinkles, Desperados and letting out my inner kid by playing Nintendo, heavenly pasta with shrimps

I found myself taking a lot more pictures with my phone than camera, since I don't feel like carrying it around with me the entire time and I thought I might share some of the snapshots I made over the last couple of days!
I'm going home earlier than expected so I can still see my friends before everyone leaves for Uni, so I'll probably already be back in Luxembourg on Monday instead of Saturday next week! That means that I'll be able to post more outfit pictures :)

I've been thinking about making a book review post, but I don't know if any of you would be interested in that? Also, please do leave me suggestions for books!
I recently finished reading Revenge wears Prada, Looking for Alaska, Wonder - right now I'm reading Lolita and an Agatha Christie book and on my wishlist are Reclaiming the F word, the new feminist movement and Girlfriend in a coma.


  1. Cool pictures !

  2. Great photos! All the food looks so tasty :D Cute bike too - I really want one! x

  3. Yummy!! I actually love food pictures, your making me so hungry.

    I really need to do one of these posts soon :)



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