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Saturday, 31 August 2013

The online shop houseoffraser is hosting a blogger challenge where you have to pick some pieces from their shop and put together a look which you'd wear to one of these big cities: London, Paris, New York, Tokyo or Milan. It's your job as my followers to guess where I'd wear this look to! The editor of the blog from the online shop will choose her favourite outfit and the winner gets a £200 voucher to spend online!

My favourite pieces of this collage are probably the boots and the coat. Even though I've never been to this city, I've heard that the winters can get pretty cold, so this big coat would keep me warm when walking through the world famous park in the middle of the busy city. The boots are the kind that I've been looking for for almost two years now but somehow never got around buying. They'd make it easy for me to discover everything by walk, without having to take cabs (*hint*) all the time. As I already mentioned a little while ago, I want to wear my leather pants more, so the ones in the collage are the perfect fit for my outfit! The metallic bag and delicate necklace soften the rather tough look a bit and the lightly knitted white jumper lightens up the whole black/grey combination of boots, pants and coat while keeping me warm! Can you guess which city I'd wear this to?


  1. Love the list ! Especially the bag and shoes !

  2. New York of course (:
    Is this a competition for your followers or for bloggers (you and the others who participate? I'm a bit confused :D

  3. Beautiful collage..

  4. I would guess New York 'cos it grungy, edgy with a bit of feminine which is wht the big apple is known for.



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