Fashion Getaways Blogger Challenge

Saturday, 31 August 2013

The online shop houseoffraser is hosting a blogger challenge where you have to pick some pieces from their shop and put together a look which you'd wear to one of these big cities: London, Paris, New York, Tokyo or Milan. It's your job as my followers to guess where I'd wear this look to! The editor of the blog from the online shop will choose her favourite outfit and the winner gets a £200 voucher to spend online!

My favourite pieces of this collage are probably the boots and the coat. Even though I've never been to this city, I've heard that the winters can get pretty cold, so this big coat would keep me warm when walking through the world famous park in the middle of the busy city. The boots are the kind that I've been looking for for almost two years now but somehow never got around buying. They'd make it easy for me to discover everything by walk, without having to take cabs (*hint*) all the time. As I already mentioned a little while ago, I want to wear my leather pants more, so the ones in the collage are the perfect fit for my outfit! The metallic bag and delicate necklace soften the rather tough look a bit and the lightly knitted white jumper lightens up the whole black/grey combination of boots, pants and coat while keeping me warm! Can you guess which city I'd wear this to?


Friday, 30 August 2013

top, shoes, earrings: h&m jeggings: dr denim leather jacket: topshop bag: zara

This is my first outfit featuring my lovely new bag and I can already see it popping up in loots of other outfit posts in the future! I'm still so happy I purchased it, it's easily become one of my favourite bags I own. I wore this outfit yesterday afternoon/evening, even though it was 25 degrees in the afternoon, but I went to the funfair with some friends at night and even when the days are still pretty warm, it can get really damn cold in the evening! I didn't do much today, nor am I going to be very busy the nex two/three days, so I'll try to make some more outfit posts. I'm off now, have a good start of the weekend! xo

New Ins

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Since I got bored waiting for my friend yesterday, I took a stroll through H&M and Zara, as always and picked up two things. The first thing I bought is this neon bag which I adore so much! I've already been eyeing it for a while now, but the price of 26€ for such a small bag always put me off buying it. When I found it on sale for 10€, I just had to get it and I don't regret it at all! It's quite the perfect size since I can fit my (huge) wallet and phone and keys in there, so all my necessities, without carrying around tons of stuff that I won't need anyways.
The second thing I bought is this striped dress. It's from H&M Divided. It has a small turtle neck and is short and tight and so different from the dresses I own already! This is probably not the kind of dress I'd wear to go out, also since the material is a bit thicker than usually, but that makes it the perfect dress for Autumn/Winter, combined with a big coat and boots! It was only 15€ too, so I don't think you can go wrong when buying it.


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

dress, shoes: forever21 jacket: bershka hairtie: h&m

The only time I actually wore this dress that I got more than a year ago, was last summer, so I finally got it out today! I love how light it is because even if it got cold in the evening, I was soo warm in the afternoon. I didn't do too much today apart from having breakfast in bed while watching the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars (oh my gooooooooooooood) and meeting up with a friend. Tomorrow I'm finishing off some Uni stuff and meeting more friends and probably going to the Funfair in the evening! I also did some tiny shopping today, but more about that tomorrow!


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

After getting a request and since I haven't done a proper music post in a while, I decided to share my current favourite songs with you.

After there's been so much talking about the VMAs, I went on Youtube to watch a few performances, Lady Gaga's being one of them and now I'm head over heels in love with her new song Applause! It's so damn catchy but still somehow different from all the other pop songs you hear lately (at least in my opinion)

Of course, I also watched Miley Cyrus' performance and ooh wow, was I shocked! I've always somehow been a fan of her and I think that she has a great voice, but her performance at the VMAs was just waaaay over the top! However, I found a song from her new album and it's so beautiful!

When I was finally catching up with a friend whom I haven't seen in ages, we talked about music and he showed me a few songs from The Kooks' album Junk of the heart. Now, the album is not even close to new (it's from 2011) and I already knew two songs from it, but I downloaded the entire album shortly after my friend left. My current favourite songs from the album are following songs:

Petulia, just so beautiful and calming!

Fuck the world off, this song somehow immediately puts me in a good mood, don't ask why!

Mr. Nice Guy, I don't even know why I like this one, I just do!

What kind of music are you currently loving? Any tips/suggestions for me? I recently also downloaded an album from the Arctic Monkeys (same story as with The Kooks) but I haven't quite decided which songs I like the best yet.

To keep or not?

Monday, 26 August 2013

tshirt: h&m jeggings: dr denim vest: zara shoes: bertie via topshop watch: asos

I've been planning to wear this fake fur/leather/whatever you might call it vest for ages now but I somehow never got to actually doing it. Now my question is if I should keep it or not? I can't seem to make up my mind!


Sunday, 25 August 2013

top: topshop skirt: ax paris boots: h&m divided

As the weather is starting to cool down a little, (which I am truly grateful for) I'm starting to get out all my boots and trying to find ways to wear them with bare legs. I'm not too keen of the idea of wearing boots with shorts, (don't ask me why) so I threw on my fake leather skirt and I though that my baroque top from Topshop that I got in London would be a nice thing to combine it with. I got these boots last winter and I never really wore them that much, but I can already see myself living in boots as soon as I move to the UK.

What I want to wear this Autumn

Saturday, 24 August 2013

 Shiny Boots
As many other girls, I don't only have a weak point when it comes to shoes, but particularly when looking at boots. I love how they can completely change a outfit: you can either tough it up with boots with buckles and wide heels, or you can wear a very classic, sleek pair of boots, making your outfit looking more elegant. The thing with shiny boots is that they give those classy, simple boots that little twist that make them stand out while still looking classy and discrete.


The last time I can remember me wearing Tartan was probably when I was 8 and got a tartan skirt. After that, I always saw Tartan as old, grandma-ish, but now that it is slowly popping up here and there (the dress on the left will be sold at Primark!), I'm starting to think about getting myself something with the scottish pattern on it. I don't know if I'd dare to go for an entire dress or even a skirt, so the skirt or top shown above are a cool alternative. Even thoughthe blue/violet Tartan does look pretty too, maybe a bit less rock and more elegant than the red version, I think I'd still go for the original.

 Camel Coats
The first time I saw someone wear a Camel Coat must've been when my mum got herself one that almost reaches her ankles. I thought that she looked so elegant when she was wearing a dress, a bit of a heel and red lips and then threw over her camel coat when going to a dinner with my dad. Later, a friend of mine came to school with the most gorgeous - but more modern version - of a Camel Coat. It was a cropped version of a coat, stopping at the hips. I love how the light colour looks so soft, especially when everyone seems to burry themselves in black and grey in winter. (Yes, including me)

I've been continiously adding pieces to my wardrobe that are made of fake leather and even though I now posess a leather jacket, pants, a skirt and a top, I find myself not wearing those items too much. I blame the heat. As soon as it starts to cool down, I want to take out my leather pants and combine them with boots and sneakers and of course wear my leather jacket with big chunky scarves! Even though I do like the idea of a leather dress, I'd rather have a tight, straight leather skirt, like on the picture in the left corner. The leather skirt I have is a skater skirt, and the straight version looks a little more elegant than the skater one.

Isn't it funny how, when we were small, (or at least that's what I did) we wiggled out of turtleneck sweaters when our mums put us in them and now they're all over the internet and fashion magazines? I'm still no complete fan of turtle necks, but I do find more and more appeal in them. When it comes to wearing them myself however, I'd probably opt for either a light version, meaning the turtlenecks not going up quite as high (as in the right picture) or loose version, where you don't feel like the turtleneck is too tight and you constantly move it around.

Light Denim
Lastly, I also want to wear light denim in autumn. I particularly love light denim shirts (still on the look out for one for myself) and light denim jeans (check: got a pair in London!). Similar to the Camel Coat, the colours being lighter, it looks great combined with all the dark, cozy colours. Additionally, I find light denim so much fresher than dark one and it also reminds me a little of the times when the mom jeans were worn all the time. (See The Breakfast Club for example)

Instagram [August]

Friday, 23 August 2013

 left: my brother and I doing the scared face on the London Eye right: Strawberry-kiwi-apple-banana smoothie at Camden Lock
 left: soo in love with my boots, I just wish they didn't give me such horrible blisters... right: I spent the flight from London to Luxembourg reading and drinking coffee. The book was brilliant, I hoope they'll make a movie out of it too!
 left: loving New Look's motto right: magazines and coconut water for the trip to Belgium
left: iced coffee and a gaufre de li├Ęge at Brussels, while waiting for my next train right: I finally found the Peanutbutter Cup Ben & Jerry's ice cream and tried it: loooooove

Truth is, I don't have any inspiration to blog, nor do I have pictures from last night. We were too busy enjoying ourselves to take pictures. The only thing I can think of posting at the moment are outfit posts and even that isn't always particularly interesting, since it was, for example, way too hot today to wear something that's not completely boring. My plans for the next two weeks are pretty simple: prepare some last things before leaving to Uni, meeting some friends before they leave and go to the funfair. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I should post?

White Lace

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

dress: h&m divided flats: primark sunglasses: camden lock belt: banana republic

Hey guys! Sorry for my absence yesterday, but I was busy catching up with a friend, meaning that we spent two hours drinking coffee and talking, going for a work out and then watched The Devil wears Prada while eating Ben & Jerry's. (I tried the Peanutbutter cup flavour yesterday and... I was over the moon!) Today, I had lunch with my grandma and walked around town and just relaxed. My mum gave me this dress she bought for herself a year ago already and I've been meaning to wear it with a black belt ever since but always forgot about it! The dress is actually a size 40, but worn with the belt, it's the perfect loose summer dress. Also, ignore the wet hair, I came straight home after the gym and took these pictures while my dinner was cooking and the new episode of Pretty Little Liars was downloading - gotta love multitasking, haha!

Landscapes and pretty towns

Monday, 19 August 2013

Here are some pictures of the view/towns we saw/visited yesterday, it was so pretty and we had a snack on a terrace right on the beach, eating waffled and drinking coffee. This will be the last post regarding Belgium, I'll be home in a couple of hours so I'll try to update a lot more outfit posts!

By the seaside

Sunday, 18 August 2013

top: river island skirt: h&m boots: bertie via topshop

Today, we drove up to a city called Calais (in France) and some towns nearby and at the same time went by the seaside. The view was soo pretty, so I grabbed my brother to take some outfit pictures, love the result! I finally got the chance to wear my new boots with a skirt and bare legs, but since they're still so new, I ended up getting the worst blisters ever and the wind wasn't very cooperative regarding my skirt, so I had to hold it down all the time, haha!