Sunday, 28 July 2013

jumpsuit: primark necklace: h&m flats: forever21

After spending what felt like ages looking for a website where I could edit my pictures before posting them on the blog, (I'm using my dadad's laptop at the moment, meaning I can't download any editing programs) I finally found a good and fast website! 
As I said yesterday, I went out with a couple of friends and this is what I wore. The jumpsuit was bought 2 years ago and it easily is my most worn piece of clothing! I love how it looks flowy and summer, like a dress, but it doesn't fly away as soon as there's some wind. Wearing these shoes for the first time on a night out was probably the biggest mistake I've ever made, since I got the worst blisters in history. (Literally, my feet started bleeding after walking for less than 10 minutes) Stupid me didn't think of the possibility to actually bring other shoes and leave them in the car, tss.. Even though I had to stay sober, I had quite some fun and danced like I was back in Barcelona! (Wow, don't I sound like an alcoholic.....)
I spent my Sunday in pyjamas up until now, when I decided to finally get up and put on some clothes. The rest of the day will be spent watching House, reading and finishing off what I baked. (More on that in another post) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

PS: A German blogger is looking for blogs to pretend on her blog, so if you're interested, click here!


  1. Love the look and the shoes ♥

  2. In love with these holographic shoes !! x

  3. Such a lovely jumpsuit! Looks so lovely on you :) x

  4. I don't like the shoes but the rest of the outfit is lovely and you look very pretty! Your hair looks good like this


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