Monday, 15 July 2013

 mall wallet from H&M, perfect for my holidays, since I don't want to carry around my big wallet all the time | small clutch, that even has something to put your cards in, from Forever21
 Forever21 - best thing to wear when it's 30 degrees out!
 Bershka - I really wanted tight cropped tops, and these were 5€ each, perfect!
 Primark - I've been eyeing with a bordeaux coloured pair of jeggings from Dr Denim, but the price of 50€ always put me off, but I couldn't resist these for 9€!
Primark - my friend Sarah and I bought awesome Spongebob panties because we're the biggest fans hahaha
 Primark - these are from the kids' section, but I really wanted some tight, cropped tops with long sleeves. I don't really know if I'm not gonna modify them a little bit, but they were 2 for 6€
 Primark midi dress, which I've been wanting for a while but never felt like spending a fortune on - 9€ later and i'm happy! | Necklace from H&M, reminds me of fishbone braids..
 Forever21 - The silver ballet flats were love at first sight, especially them being pointy and the other ones I just randomly tried on and found myself falling in love with them, and since they were on sale for 13€, I just had to get them.
KIKO (obviously)

We've pretty much checked out every shop we wanted to go to here in Barcelona, so the main shopping is done. I might still find the one or other small thing, but that's probably just be some accessoires! I'm really really happy with everything I bought. Do you like anything in particular?


  1. I really like the silver ballet flats!
    There's also an amazing shop in Barcelona called 'Art Montfalco' which is very original:)

  2. Pretty pieces ♥

  3. the mint shorts are so cute! I love all of your primark finds, I wish we had one here in Australia xx

  4. LOVE the clutch, too bad I didn't see it last time I went to F21


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