Last Barcelona Photos

Sunday, 21 July 2013

 Sarah and her supercute watermelon bag
 One day, we had sushi for lunch and even though they were really good, I still shared a portion of noodles afterwards, I just didn't get full of them haha
 Getting ready to go out - this picture always makes me laugh!
 Absolute poser picture, but I love the lighting here, we both look tanned and our lipsticks really stick out
Sarah's outfit I really liked - how great is that pink crochet top?!

Here are a couple of pictures from Barcelona that I didn't post and this will also be the last post with pictures from our trip.
I'm starting work tomorrow and even though I really want to take outfit pictures, I don't know if there'll be much use in it, since it's 30 degrees outside but I don't know if I can run around in shorts all day.. I'll have to see!


  1. what a vibrant lipstick, dear lord!

  2. Sushiiiiiis *w*
    Nice pictures ;)

  3. Sarah has such gorgeous hair!


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