Wednesday, 24 July 2013

 left: "how to drink really bad wine" right: breezer looove! I drank it 24/7 in Barcelona, especially the watermelon flavoured one - yum!
 left: so in love with my bralet from Topshop right: Sarah and my ice cream (Coconut and Kinder Bueno for her, Kinder Schokolade and After Eight for me)
 left: can't wait to drink this again when I'm moving to the UK! Soooo delicious right: flight readings
 left: at work, organising, sorting out, classifying files.. call me a freak but I love doing that kind of stuff! right: finished reading "The fault in out stars". I did like it, but I expected it to be a tiny bit better, but I did cry like a baby at the end!
left: yesterday's lunch - for 7€! right: second cup of coffee & magazine break at work


  1. What does after eight taste like?
    the same thing happened to me woth "the fault in our stars".. i liked it but i expected it to be more special or better in some way because of all the hype :p

    1. well it's basically peppermint ice cream with chocolate chips! some people say that it tastes like chewing gum with chocolate haha, but i reaaally love it, it's wonderfully fresh during summer.

      yeah, that's the bad thing about seeing good gifs from movies or too many reviews on books, haha!

  2. Sushiiiis !
    Love your pictures !

  3. sounds exciting and fun! Hope you didn't get too hungover lol, that topshop top looks great, and i lurve sushi! :)

  4. Great photos! Those ice creams look amazingggg x

  5. nice pics:)


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