I can see the finish line

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Even though I should probably try not to spend all my money before going on vacation, I simply had to pop by H&M and their sales. I found these gorgeous shorts for 10€! They're perfect for the place I'm leaving to in exactly 8 days... but more on that in another post.

You guuuuys, in 12 hours, I will be a free bird! I can't believe it, but I've survived 3 out of my 4 orals that I've been fearing for 7 years, 2 going well, 1 being weird and tomorrow morning, I'll finish off my last year of highschool with geography. Whenever I think of the fact that I'll get my diploma on Saturday, I start getting all jiggely and giggly, ahh. I just wanted to post this to let you know that yes I am still alive and I will get back to regular updates ASAP, probably starting on the weekend! 12 more hours, people, 12 more hours! Cross your fingers for me and I'll be able to party all summer.
PS: I'm thinking about making one or two posts about one or more blogs I like recently, since I myself always really love discovering new ones that way. I have some in mind, but I was wondering if any of you want to drop your blog url in a comment under this post, so I can check it out? Since I want to get some fresh air on the blog too, I would really like if those people would do me the favour of mentioning my blog on theirs too. So, just comment below if you want me to check out your blog!


  1. I'd would be very nice of you if you'd check out my blog :) I've been pretty lazy lately, but if you also check the archives, maybe you'll like it: http://damisabina.wordpress.com

    P.S.: I'll be visiting Luxembourg on holiday next week haha :D

  2. www.thelifestylegossiper.blogspot.com


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