Monday, 8 July 2013

 Julius and me
 Caren, Sarah, Julius and me
 Kathlyn and me
 Jo, me, Kathlyn, Sarah, Kate, Anna and Laura (I have such gorgeous friends!)
 Max and Julius
My name and French buddy since 10 years Nora and me!

So I finally graduated! I still can't fully realise it. I had a wonderful time in the morning, kids were singing the european hymn, which gave me goose bumps all over my body and everyone looked so pretty, elegant and happy! I got a much better average than expected, which also means that I am moving to the UK in September! I am pretty much the happiest person ever right now, since I really, really wanted to go to Uni there. I was surprised that my written BACs weren't as good (not saying they were bad, but I expected better results), but on the other side, I got a really good grade in 3 out of my 4 orals! Who would have thought that?
I'm going to make a post with the pictures of my prom now, it'll be up in a couple of hours! xo


  1. Did you and the second girl from the right have the same dress?

    1. no, we all had different dresses

  2. Congrats! Thats so cool that you are going to the UK, i'm jealous ! :) These pictures came out great, I love your dress-bag-shoe combo. Cool post.

    new post on my blog @

  3. Yay yay how exciting congrats Nora!!!!!!! So exciting that you've graduated and are going to the UK! We will definitely have to meet up when I'm there next year on exchange yes yes!



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