Sunday, 14 July 2013

 Biggest vending machine I've ever seen!
 Delicious chicken salad with extra guacamole
 Random, cool building

Hey there! I didn't take that many pictures yesterday, because we spent the day shopping and being lazy, so here are only a couple snapshots. Today, we're going to the "Parc Güell" and I'll try to take pictures of the things I bought yesterday tonight. TTYL!


  1. Love your pictures

  2. I hope you don't mind my asking but why aren't you happy with your relationship status? I think you and your boyfriend are quite cute together. (saw this on formspring but you're not allowed to ask questions on there unless you have an account so i had to ask here, and if you don't want to answer it's fine! maybe it's too personal)

    1. i'm not happy with my relationship status because we're not together anymore. he's in estonia almost the entire summer and i'm moving to the uk in september, so we decided it'd be better to break it off now than to slowly start drifting apart

  3. i'm sorry you're not together anymore but i guess it's better to break off at once, as you said :) i hope you're doing okay and ''courage'' (can't find a way to say that in english :p)


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